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Blog Archive: January 1970

ATM - is it just me?

I never understood ATM. I must not be part of the target audience. Now that 100base-T is here, I get it even less. I heard a speaker from the ADSL forum lately who claimed that ADSL would eventually be all ATM. That does not make sense to me. Sometimes I wonder if the phone companies of the world have been tricked into

Novell - wow.

To 100base-T or not 100base-T?

I've been debating moving some servers over to 100base-T. The idea is to put them behind a switch that will clean up the network and aggregate high use servers on a high speed link. Adapter cards are easy to find these days. It's getting hard to buy a card from 3Com which does not support 100Base-T. Switches, however, are a bit more