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Blog Archive: January 1970

Will people get tired of the hype from the 'big 3'? (Cisco, 3Com, Bay)

Have you read all of the recent hype-ware from the 'big 3'? (Cisco, 3Com, Bay) Find anything in there you could actually buy or use? Not me. These companies are all hardware vendors, not software vendors. I wonder sometimes if they need hype to push boxes. What about Microsoft? Don't you get tired of hearing that? I know I do. It reminds me

Is there COBOL in your future?

I read an interesting article (no doubt written by someone at IBM) that shipments of IBM 370 architecture machines has never slowed down (now called S/390). I remember writing PL/1, COBOL and BAL for those giant fossils. I also remember seeing an emulation running on a 486 laptop that ran faster than the original machine. Somehow I'm not

Bridges begot routers begot switches...

So why *did* we just toss out all bridges in favor of routers just to put bridges (switches) back in? Is switching mostly hype? I don't really think switching is all hype, but it does seem like everyone on the planet is making a layer 2 switch. And most are rather

Why can't I control my network?

Have you noticed that SNMP statistics are not very interesting? Me too. I want network events. And only interesting network event need apply. Why don't more servers send SNMP traps? It seems like the only thing which will cause a trap on my network is the T1 going down. Thats like the little red light on my dashboard lighting up when a