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Blog Archive: January 1970

NAS Vendors and NAS features

Do NAS vendors ever actually use their equipment? My guess is no. I'd love to know if the CEO of 3Com and US Robotics actually use ISDN from home and call in to their office using 28.8 modems. They're probably too busy. My sense is that few people at Shiva actually dial in from home. I'm sure the folks at Ascend

Controlling routing

Why not calculate all the routes in one place? These days when "next hop shortest path / reachability" style routing is no longer correct, we need to have a central place to apply policy. The interesting thing about policy is that is has little to no place for dynamic rerouting. Policy is a force for rigidity. It sure seems like the people

Routing email

Most people don't realize it but email can be routed just like network packets. If one publishes their email address widely it doesn't make sense to have to change it when you move your office. That's where email routing comes in. I would guess that large organizations with thousands of people find this a nightmare. It's also something not

Out of band signalling of routing information

I often wonder why the largest ISP's don't using out-of-band signalling for routing information. The dynamics which routing protocols create are fine for small networks but can create real havoc in a large nationwide