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Blog Archive: January 1970

MBONE - the next rage?

I remember the "PicturePhone"... I was going to buy one as soon as they where available. Something went wrong, however, and along with those thousands of Popular Science covers it never made it to market. I've been using the MBONE for a few years now. It's a cool experiment which is not quite ready for prime time. I

Next-hop-reachability is not Policy

It's interesting to me that people who know better often confuse basic routing (which I'll call next-hop-reachability) with policy. Most of todays routing systems are only concerned with next-hop-reachability. They don't address policy at all. To me policy looks like "you go in the slow lane because you're not paying as

The coming bandwidth glut

I sometimes wonder if the real issue of the information age isn't right-of-way and the ability to dig a trench to lay fiber cable. Someone recently told me that the current limiting factor in the growth of the Internet is the ability of the manufacturers to make multi-mode fiber cable. I have this weird vision where all of the train tracks are