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Blog Archive: January 1970

Using NT as a router

Why would anyone want to do this? Is it just me? I recently configured a nice little router from Compatible Systems. It was inexpensive, high quality and it did not have a C: drive. Why would I allow one of the 1,000,000 things which can go wrong on an NT box to jeopardize my routing? Routing needs to be like the phone system - always

How can it be July already?

Last months edition was a little light. What can you expect for free? I'll try and be a little more verbose as the summer wanes and we move into the fall. Stay tuned. I may also invite a few guest speakers in. Is it me or did June just fly by? I blinked and it was gone. Perhaps it's the new job or maybe it's too much fast living

The truth about NT

OK, here's the truth about NT. It's wicked slow (even on my 266Mhz P-Pro II) It needs a lot of memory (128mb) The vm system does weird things and image activation fights with the file system buffer cache It's not as reliable as UNIX There. I said it. Please note that I've been using NT for a long time and like it. I am

Java and Javascript - mutant half-brothers with no common DNA?

Has anyone out there tried to write a Java program which injected data back into the HTTP stream? I understand the Javascript can do it. It seems that making Javascript and Java speak is at best difficult and at worst really clumsy. Why did Netscape have to call it JavaScript anyway? It has nothing to do with Java at

Flying children on commercial airlines

On the two misguided occasions when we chose to fly across the country with our less-than-five-year-old child (more on the 5 year part in a second), we bought an extra ticket and used a car seat. The 'cabin attendants' where very impressed. I thought it was common sense. I've come to find out that people think carrying