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Blog Archive: March 2021

Excited about Philips LPC3000 familty

I found an interesting article in EE Times about Philips and 90nm fab. It talked about the upcoming LPC3000 familty of ARM cpu's from Philips, with biult in flash and ram. Looks like it has a ARM926F core and 64k of

Good uses of microprocessorts - saw blades...

I think I've seen this in the news before, but I liked it so much I thought I'd add it in. This is a device that detects when a radial saw is about to cut your finger and instantly stops the saw. The demo (on a hot dog) is amazing. SawStop LLC was formed to make active devices for woodworking equipment. It would be great to work for a

Linux admin for Walmart in China

While talking with some friends about a person looking to 'retrain' as a Linux admin (after 21 years as an IT person), someone made a humorous comment. I had been ranting about Walmart employees being the largest group of comsumers of free state health care (because they get no health coverage from their employeer). He suggested the person