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Blog Archive: March 2021

Oh those crazy young people in Europe...

Apparently every four years young hackers in Europe get together and make a sort of tent city. It's called "whathehack" It looks like fun, at least if you like laptops and beer

Digikey and FreeScale contest with HC12 chip

Digikey and Freescale have created an interesting contest around a new HC12 chip. The chip is interesting as it's an SOC with ethernet, an HC12 16 bit cpu, ram and flash. It also has SPI and I2C ports. The contest is interesting in that you submit a proposal. The best 10 proposals are picked and given an eval board. They have 2 months to

HDLC drivers for MPC 8xx

This is not very exiting, but people have been asking me about it. I have a small collection of MPC 8xx (850, 823e, 860) HDLC drivers. Most present a network interface but one I hacked allows userland access to the HDLC frames and modloadable 'filters' in the kernel which can do basic protocol work. Here's the tar