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Blog Archive: March 2021

Current thoughts

I had some problems with my colocated serve the other day so I thought I'd try out one of the "VPS" server companies. These are firms which sell "virtual linux", basically a virtual machine running on their hardware. It's a good idea if the hardware is located at a data center with backup power and multiple high speed

HTML from lisp

(aside: this is a pretty funny intro to lisp casting spels in lisp) Generating HTML from lisp is nothing new. Many people have done it and there are lots projects on the web using it. There's also a lot of interesting XML/HTML lisp code floating around. It turns out that XML and HTML lend themselves rather well to symbolic processing. I've

A quick Scheme / embedded-system example

Usually when I find myself fighting to prove a point it's usually becuase it's a loosing battle and my ego just won't let go. But let's assume you actually might be interesting seeing why a simple lisp like scripting language might be intesting. I wanted to change the behavior of a display terminal. I wanted it to have a list of times (hours