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Crowdsourced Zynq FPGA board

This is interesting.  A crowd sourced FPGA board with a Xilinx Zynq;  Basically Xilinx FPGA fabric with a hard ARM A9 CPU.

It looks like you'll need to break out board as well to get reasonable connections (USB, HDMI).  Seems like a lot can be done with that.  I have not used a Zynq yet, but I have done with with the older Virtex parts which had a PPC 4xx inside.

If you are looking for FPGA board with HDMI, microSD, usb, etc... you might also consider the Pipistrello board from Saanlima

I've used it on a few projects - the larger LX45 part has a good amount of internal ram and the HDMI out is very handy.


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