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How can it be July already?

Last months edition was a little light. What can you expect for free?
I'll try and be a little more verbose as the summer wanes and we move
into the fall. Stay tuned. I may also invite a few guest speakers

Is it me or did June just fly by? I blinked and it was gone.
Perhaps it's the new job or maybe it's too much fast living in
cyberspace. Did you read about the woman who locked her children in a
room and spend 22 hours a day on-line with AOL? Let's just skip over
the obvious mental issues here and get to the really weird part. What
could be so interesting on AOL? No doubt this woman would have been
selling her children for cocaine if the calendar read 1981. I wonder
if she'll sue AOL for not putting warning labels on their chat groups.

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