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SS7 and Windows NT

In something akin the "Bride of Frankenstein" I read about someone
porting SS7 software to Windows NT. SS7 is the protocol which
giant phone switches (like the AT&T 5ESS) use to talk to other
phone switches. So, why would you want to connect your NT server
to a giant phone switch with SS7? You wouldn't. But, you might want
to *replace* some of the functionality of the giant multi-million-dollar
phone switch from New Jersey with a much, much cheaper Windows NT box
if you were not so concerned about reliability or employing thousands
of engineers. Ever wonder why AOL is always in the news for their
outages? Just kidding.

Seems like a trend that people will be trying to do flanking maneuvers
around these giant phone switches for all sorts of reasons, including
toll reduction, call diversion, remote access, etc... Interesting
stuff. I always wondered how giant phone switches talk to each other
and now I can run it on my pentium at home.

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