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Two way pagers & PCS

Just in case anyone was wondering, I was stupid and got a Skytel
2-way pager. I lived the dream for six months before I woke up.
It never worked right. Let me repeat - It never worked right.
The really weird thing is that in Boston it was completely unreliable
but on the show floor of Comdex in Las Vegas it worked perfectly
for three solid days... Guess I should move to LV.

Also, to add to the frustration Skytel's Internet gateway was setup
via UUCP (hey, wake up guys - UUCP went out 10 years ago) and their
customer support was just plain bad. Their billing people were
even worse. Never again. I got a PCS phone instead.

I like my PCS phone. It works. The audio artifacts are a little
strange but it works better than the analog phone I had before.
The cool thing is that the PCS phone will also do AMPs if thats all
it can find. (and they claim it will be a pager also, but I've
yet to see that service)

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