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Wearable computing

Would you wear a computer? I'm not sure I would. Except for maybe my
wrist watch, cell phone, pager, oh, and the keys to my car.

about one which had a 600x800 eyepiece? or one that had an audio
earpiece/microphone? Seen anyone with a phone and ear microphone
lately? (they really work well - I tried one).

There are research folks all over the country (and world) working on
wearable computing platforms. Some are pretty innovative. They
include thinks like cameras, microphones, GPS receivers,
accelerometers and IR sensors.

The notion of "context sensative computing" is often connected to
these platforms; For instance, the camera will "recognize" a face and
put info on the screen about the person. Or the GPS notice what
building you are in and guide you to the office you or looking for. Or
the bathroom. Or the nearest printer or coke machine. Seems dumb on
the surface, but I'd like a cell phone which would tell me how to get
out of a building during a fire.

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