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Why I'm not an ISP Anymore

I had a nice year long run with a web hosting company (
which ended in disaster. I stopped getting email from them in
December and then they shut me off and deleted my account on

They claim they sent me email throughout December but I never got any of it and my qmail SMTP logs don't show any email from them. I get a lot of email and I log all the headers so I know if something didn't arrive.

Anyway, the summarily deleted all my blog info. I had no backup (oops) but fortunately between the Internet wayback machine and Google I have been able to reconstruct most of the entries.

And, now I'm using a different method to archive and submit them which is based on one of my machines :-)

Needless to say I've chosen a new web hosting service with different policies.

In the end I've concluded that their billing system made a mistake (my credit card works fine) and their email never reached me. But they seemed uninterested in helping me or even looking into the problem so I wish them luck and have moved on.

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