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Why is Software Development Still Magic?

I regularly talk to companies who have software development problems - late schedules, too many bugs, unhappy customers. I sometimes marvel when people act as if software development was some magic process which was impossible to understand or control.

My experience is that's not magic and is not that hard to control. I'd like to share some thoughts on ways to define and control the software development process in the "embedded space".

I'd also like to talk a little bit about how easy it is to keep engineers and software developers happy. And, conversly, how easy it is to get them off on the wrong foot.

And, it would be fun to share some techniques for bring groups of people together around a vision and product. One technique is call the "the delphi method".

There are also some fun methods using Post-it notes and something as simple as a round table discussion.

I'll write about all of these in some upcoming entries. I'd like to show some ways to get software out in a predictable manner and keep almost everyone happy.

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