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Will people get tired of the hype from the 'big 3'? (Cisco, 3Com, Bay)

Have you read all of the recent hype-ware from the 'big 3'? (Cisco, 3Com, Bay)
Find anything in there you could actually buy or use?
Not me. These companies are all hardware vendors, not software vendors.
I wonder sometimes if they need hype to push boxes.

What about Microsoft?

Don't you get tired of hearing that? I know I do. It reminds me of IBM twenty years ago. I think that Microsoft does an amazing job of making the desktop fun to use (OK, now you know - I love Outlook and Office 97. I used to be a Mac weenie. I've shed that addiction. Outlook is for me. I'm going to dump Meeting Maker and my HP 100 for Outlook and a USR Pilot. You heard it hear first.

But back to the top. Microsoft is a desktop O/S company. Despite what they say they're not a network company, not a data center company and not an enterprise company. You only have to ask any Fortune 100 IS person to learn the truth. They make a great desktop but don't ask them to federate your enterprise naming.

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