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Heeltoe Consulting provides hardware/software services and consulting for embedded systems. We specialize in Linux on a variety of platforms and CPU's such as the Motorola PowerPC, Intel ARM, MIPS and x86. Many of our projects involve small portable devices with power management issues. We can design and develop embedded applications which include small microprocessors such as PIC and Atmel. We also can help with CPLD and FPGA issues, from PAL's to Virtex4.

Heeltoe uses flexible design and development teams with a interdisciplinary approach. We can help with any software and hardware design and system level issue.

Heeltoe can provide design services to take a product from concept to manufacturing. We have relationships with local contract manufacturing houses and national PCB board manufacturers. We have the expertise to help you bring your product to market in a sane and reliable manner.

Brad Parker
June 2006

What is Heeltoe?



  • Embedded system development
  • Board bring-up, diagnostics, booting and file systems
  • PowerPC, 68xxx, ARM (Intel XScale, Sharp, Samsung), MIPS (Alchemy Au1xxx), x86 CPU's (SC520)
  • Atmel (AVR, SAM7S), Microchip PIC (16F, 18F, dsPIC) & Motorola microprocessors (68HC11/12)
  • Linux kernels on embedded systems
  • Small quick hardware designs from concept to production
  • Automotive networks & protocols: CAN, J1850, ISO 9141, KW2000, J2534
  • Handheld and wearable devices
  • Battery operated and low power devices, power management
  • USB host and function controller drivers
  • Ethernet and WAN drivers
  • TCP/IP Protocols, IP forwarding and routing, IP Routing protocols
  • Multicast routing and protocols
  • Voice-over-IP (VOIP) protocols and codecs
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