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Ceiva picture frame serial port adapter

picture of Ceiva serial port adapter

Want to control your Ceiva picture frame yourself? Want to send pictures to it from you local server?

Hack your Ceiva picture frame to run linux and drive it from your own local linux server.

I've written a brief FAQ on the conversion and software. The kits are available now.

He's a "technical Howto" on converting your frame. Once you've solder in a 10 pin header for the serial port and a 2 pin header for the boot jumper you'll need an adapter to convert the TTL level serial signals to RS-232. Our serial port adapter (pictured above) does just that.

I've made simple kits with these boards for the brave. I sell them basically at cost. I also supply pre-built versions of the kernel and file system file which will greatly simplify the process of converting the frame.

Included is a linux program to "drive" the frame, displaying images from a picture repository on the linux server, in a continuous "slide show".

Once you've added the serial port here are the files you'll need to run linux on the Ceiva pictureframe