MIT CADR side view Original VAX 11/730 stack PDP-11/34a front panel

Retrocomputing - DEC PDP-11's, VAXen and Lisp Machines


I've always been taken with big hardware. I love the look and feel. At some point in the mid 90's someone offered a Symbolics 36xx and I could not say no. It's been down hill ever since. Since then I've gathered up a few more lispm's, a VAX and some PDP-11's.

Here are some pages which collect up some information and software I've gathered or written.

I like DEC hardware, especially UNIBUS. If you know of any which needs a home, let me know. And I'll take anything to do with lisp machines, made by anyone (Symbolics, LMI, MIT, etc...)

When the first 11's came out I was using a PDP-8 and we all had hardware lust for the new 11's. Now I can finally afford to own a few.

In the mid '80's I would hear stories about lisp machines but never actually saw one until much later. Fortunately they have come down in price also.