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Blog Archive: March 2021

"The day the music died..."

"The day the music died..." What hath venture capital wrought? dateline 2000: Way too much money chasing to many bad deals. Way too much money put into marginal or even bad ideas. Insane valuations. Insane investments. dateline 2002: many, many, many failed startups. everyone is running scared. M&A has slowed or stopped. IPO's have

SOC's coming like a train - woo hoo linux

System-on-chip cpu's are coming like a train. The first one I spent time with with Motorola's 8xx line, the 860, 850 and 823. These chips had all the peripherals on the chip on one big melange. Static memory interface for flash, SDRAM interface for memory, an MMU, serial ports and built in ethernet. Needless to say it ran linux well, thanks