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Blog Archive: January 1970

The VPN Convergence

What's a VPN? A Virtual Private Network. A misnomer really, or more of an anacranism. In the old days if you strung two T1 lines between two sites you had a Private network, or "PN". Now days if you run a 'tunnel' or encapsulated link between two sites it forms a 'virtual' T1 or Virtual Private Network. Lots of people seem to be convinced

VPN Client tools?

The world needs more VPN client tools. It sounds like Cisco and Ascend are venturing into this world. No doubt others are too. I use "PPTP" from Microsoft currently for NT systems and "ssh" and the commercial "F-Secure" product from DataFellows ( for Unix. I really like ssh. I found PPTP to be ok, but it's rather complex

What happened to August?

You might notice that a rash of these pages appeared out of the blue, many after the fact. I can blame that on several things. First, I'm lazy. Two, I wrote up some of them and forgot to put them up on the web (see #1). Three, I have disk problems on my Linux box. Four, people who write paragraphs with numbered sentences should go back and

SS7 and Windows NT

In something akin the "Bride of Frankenstein" I read about someone porting SS7 software to Windows NT. SS7 is the protocol which giant phone switches (like the AT&T 5ESS) use to talk to other phone switches. So, why would you want to connect your NT server to a giant phone switch with SS7? You wouldn't. But, you might