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Would *you* like RCN to put fiber into your house?

Are you seeing adds for RCN in the paper? It all started when
I read about a weird thing in the local paper. It seems that
Boston Edison and some other little firm had placed the
city council's underwear in a knot because they had petitioned
to pull fiber all over town and the dead-line for the council
to respond was only two weeks. They needed more time. But
legally Edison and the other little company were entitled to
their permit.

Turns out the other little company was RCN.

So, six months later I'm seeing adds about how bad NYNEX is
(did we need to be reminded?) and how they are going pull
fiber into our houses and give us phone, cable and Internet.

I want to believe. I want the fiber. I want a gigabit network
connection. But can they really do it? I'm not sure I want to
give up my copper phone and copper cable connection just yet.

But if they did pull fiber to my house. Wow. That would be
cool. And, if they did they could give me phone, cable
and Internet and it would probably be cheaper and only one bill.

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